Bu’Gandan Decorated GourdBu’Gandan Decorated Gourd
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Bu’Gandan Decorated Gourd

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This beautifully painted and incised natural gourd was made in Uganda by the Bu'Ganda tribe. It has been burnished and decorated with a floral pattern using pigment and careful burning techniques. The Bu'Ganda where known for decorating their utilitarian objects. This gourd would have been used to hold water or other liquids and is still water-tight.

The Bu'Gandan are the largest of the tribal kingdoms in present-day Uganda. They have a strong tradition of art and culture believing themselves to have descended from Kintu, the first human, who married the daughter of the creator god and gave rise to the rest of the world.

Medium: hollowed plant gourd
Date: Early 20th century
Country of Origin / Tribe: Bu'Ganda tribe of Uganda
Dimension: Height 56cm by Width 23cm
Item number: 497
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